Kilos Not Pounds In Camp Pendleton January 08 2015

We'll be hanging out at the USPA Camp Pendleton Open on Saturday. If you find us, say hi! We'll have some stuff to purchase in person.


<3 KNP

Where's The Stuff? December 29 2014

We'll be the first to admit we got caught with our pants down a little. We decided to launch a little earlier than we'd planned because of the American Open, and while we don't regret it for a minute - after all it's how we got to meet all of you - it's left us with a little lull in the programming so to speak.

That should all be coming to an end in the next week or two. 

And it'll be worth the wait :)

Thanks to everybody for their patience and their support. Without you guys, we'd still just be doodling in our notebook talking to the mirror about all this!

<3 Kilos Not Pounds

More Soon... December 10 2014

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship :) Thanks for an awesome first week, everybody!

Check out our instagram and twitter to stay in the loop.

<3 Kilos Not Pounds

We're here. December 01 2014

The shop is open! We just want to thank everybody that's shown support so early on. Big bear hug to Alex Lee and Norik Vardanian for letting us guinea-pig them. We've got some ambitious projects in the works that we think you're all gonna love, so keep your eyes glued to Instagram and Twitter @kilosnotpounds to stay in the loop!